Iphone price-up needed

    Hi, could someone please tell me what sort of price i could get for my:
    8GB Iphone With on 1.1.3 in Mint con with box headset, dock, USB cable charger ect?

    Its the older iphone, not the new 3G one!


    I will give you £170 for it ?

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    Not for sale YET lol, just want to see what kind of price it will go for, as its not my sort of phone.

    £180 deliverd here


    Saw some on ebay yesterday go for around the £240 mark.

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    So on average so far its £196

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    How long will it be untill the value of this phone drops because of the new iphone 3G?
    As i don't want to leave it too late, and its not worth selling!

    Just put the 2.0 and new apps on my 2G, was gonna keep it but no it is now a PAYG

    8gb iphones go for just over £200. The price will probably start to drop a bit over the summer I should think, but thats only my guess.

    I've got an 8gb iphone - unopened - was told I would get £250?

    ebay u would but after fees u probably get a bit less
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