iphone problem help needed

    ok, so ive got an iphone.... now when i go to phone someone it goes back to the home screen however i can still make a call via the contacts.......(cant end it though)

    any ideas this has just occured in the last hour tried reboot etc dont want to have to do a restore as its jailbroken


    I was going to say reboot as it's always cured my woes but looks like you already have.

    Original Poster

    yep tried that.... its soo anoying! never relised how much i used it till now

    restoring is prob your only option

    Original Poster

    damm it really didnt want to do that anyone know of anything else???

    also what will happen if is resotre it as i have jailbroken it

    just jailbreak it again once youve restored it

    check out iclarified for tutorials on how to do it


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