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    Want to get a new Iphone, however dont want the tariff etc. I know they are now offering them free on certain contracts, and was just wondering whether they may reduce the Pay as you go price, as they did previously with the 2g models?

    Also was wondering if its a lot cheaper in America? Got someone going there soon, so was going to ask them to get for me, however not really sure whats the current situation over here. (As in are they going to lower prices etc)

    Does anyone have any info? Ive heard they may be releasing new models soon, thats why they started to offer them free, to get rid of them etc.


    When the new or comes out in a few months they might lower the price to get rid of stock, other than that I doubt they'll drop the price- tis apple

    Not sure about American prices but the pounds not great against the dollar so can't see it being tonnes cheaper, you'd need to jailbreak and unlock it as it will be locked to AT&T, not sure if you can get them without a tarrif? Also it might not be great warranty wise.

    At the current price you'll have forgotten how much it costs once you have it as they're awesome =]

    no payg in states on iphone
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