Found 6th Aug 2009
does anyone know if u download video can this be transfered and played on the iphone or is it only items bought from i tunes can be played.

if u can play ur own videos on the iphone can anyone tell me how??

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yeah you can do, just needs to be in the right file format.

yeah i got quite a few, but i had to download a converter to change my vids from avi to mov4/mp4. i just googled video converter and downloaded one for free.


Easy to do, type handeld on the site find holyrose's you will be fine from
there, im trying the convert thing, didnt realise i could do that r added

check out handbrake

you can transfer across anything thats mp4, even if you use to download a video on youtube, import to itunes and drop it on your iphone.
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