Iphone Question?

    So when i plug my iphone into my mac it used to register with itunes and show an icon on the desktop.

    However now it has decided it will only register with itunes and not show on the desktop?

    any ideas?


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    mine has never shown on the desktop. are you confusing it with an ipod which will show on the desktop (if harddrive use is enabled)?


    Hmm.... I'm no mac expert but I am using a hackintosh at the mo.

    Have you installed iphoto or turned on/off disk mode?

    What appears on the desktop is not the whole iphone, but the digital imaging device (or mac equivalent) - Like when you connect it to windows, you get the import pictures wizard up...

    If you installed iPhoto, i think that sort of takes over the imaging side of things, and so it no longer appears on the desktop?

    Just guess work to be honest....
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