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Found 23rd Apr 2008
I have managed to unlock my iphone (go me lol) and have installer on it and was simply wondering how to install applications onto the phone?

If you use installer to get apps does it need to connect to the internet through the iphone? if so i take it this costs.

Sorry for the stupid questions but trying to decide if i like the phone lol


it costs if you use edge or GPRS but when connecting to wireless its free.

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ok so is there any other way of getting apps except through installer?

If you have internet and it is wireless,use wi-fi,cost you nothing or use gprs,most companies charges only £1 a day for unlimited usage.
No other way to instal apps unfortunately,at least at the moment.

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ok well i spoke to orange (my network provider) and they said if i pay 5pounds more per month i can have unlimited access from 7pm to 7am and at weekends so i take it the downloads from the iphone would be covered by this? just dont want to get caught out at the end of the month lol
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