Iphone question - will a new 3G contract o2 iphone work if I swap to a 02 PAYG sim?

    I have looked into this but can't seem to find the answer.

    If I am given a new 3G iphone that was originally an upgrade on someone else's contract, will it work with a different O2 payg sim card (ie not the contract o2 sim)? I thought being O2 it should still work, but someone said that the phone might be somehow linked to the contract sim card.

    Also, is there a way of making the 3g iphone work on Orange? I know the first 2G one can be but I'm a little confused right now!

    Thank you.


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    Please, I've been googling for ages it but still have no idea!

    3g iphone can only be used on o2 whether pay as you go or contract ,so it is not possible to use 3g on any other network

    Phone will be working on any O2 SIM card - 100% guaranteed!!!

    At the moment you cant unlock Iphone 3G,only jailbreak possible.

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    Thank you, rep for your help. So a contract 02 will work if I swap the sim card for a payg sim card. Brilliant, thanks.

    yep should work
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