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    please can someone help me with the following:

    1. If i purchase an 8gb iphone 3g rom O2 on PAYG, will i then be able to buy a dual sim adapter and use the sim that i get with it and my O2 contract sim at the same time? This is because on my O2 pay monthly sim i do not get free internet and the sim that comes with it has 12 months free access

    2. Can you get BBC iPlayer on the iPhone?

    rep let for any help, thanks in advance


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    so they just don't work?,sim card access is different to other phones & they dont work

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    also, i currently have a contract on o2 which i pay £15 for ulimited texts and 100 mins, if i were to buy a PAYG iPhone would this sim work ok in the iPhone?

    yes your o2 contract sim will work in the payg iphone. I did it last week. Why dont you phone o2 and see if they will do you a free unlimited web bolt on?

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    what even if i have only been with them for like 1 month?

    on my contract i had an o2 to o2 free calls bolt on, i phoned them up and asked if i could change it and they originally said no... a few days later I phoned them up and they swapped it there and then, apparently you can c hange bolt ons every 30 days so if you have one you are able to change it.
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