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    I am reposting this as my first post only got one comment. Baically, my iPhone has a minor scratch on th lens of the screen (top layer), which I can actully buy from ebay for about £10, the only problemis installing it, so my question is if anyone knows of a good repair place that would be able to repair this, and not just the complete screen as the more expensive part of it is fine. If this means that I must bu the part separately, that is fine. Thank you to those who suppl real help, for whom I will giv rep to, thanks!
    P.S. Alternatively, if anyone knows how much I could get for this phone with the minor scratch, then thanks
    Also, I hav already tried displexx and Brasso, of which both were failures


    You could try repairing it yourself, instructions…K7M

    Hi, Two questions.. Is this iphone 2G or 3G? and it unlocked?

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    Hi, Two questions.. Is this iphone 2G or 3G? and it unlocked?

    2G on firmware 2.1, and yes it is unlocked

    Well in regards to the repair,depending on what part of the country your in you can find certain independent mobile phone shops who would change the screen for you, and if you want to sell it then you could get around £150 for it.

    I have a question about iphone repairs ... My iphone screen only works when touching the top half of the screen not sure whats up with it, but i rung up a repair shop and they said apple havent released any parts so no one repairs them is this true ? anyone else had this problem ? or any thoughts on it


    Well thats not true at all, iphone parts are readily available if you look in the right places, ]This Shop has quite a few spare parts for the iphone, and there is always ebay of course.

    Anyone else had the same problem ? or used any repair shops they would recomend ?

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    The lens is the bit over the camera not the screen.

    No, the lens is also the name for the top glass layer, I know its weird, but thats just what its called. Its so frustrating beause I love this phone, and I don't want to spend over £100 to get the whole screen repaired when its mainly fine, I just want to replace the cheap glass layer, yet also I also don't want to have to shell out £350 for an iPhone 3G, help! lol


    Hi, internal speaker looks broke on mine and iam thinking about sending it to Anyone heard of these or know if they are ok?
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