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    does anyone know how to repair an iphone?

    when i was in australia mines went swimming in a bag with vodka (dropped the bag containing my phone and a full bottle)

    now the backlight has gone..... you can just barely see the screen... under a bright light that is.

    all the touch features and the sound still works so im sure its just the light that is the problem,

    im considering repairing or selling this, so any advice you can give will be much appreciated.

    i have a replacement already so this is gathering dust

    this is a 2g 8gb


    how much are you asking for price wise ?

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    no idea yet..... just looking to see if its possible to be repaired first.... and how much the repair would cost,......

    i have heard that the logic board is the most common failure and these are around 100 pounds.....

    so if i did sell then would prob be around 70-80 quid,

    that is of course depending on the HUKD forums advice.

    is it iphone 2g or 3g?

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    2g 8gb..... ive edited the post..... have you heard of anyone on here who can repair them??

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    dub1 is amazing with iphones and a really great guy, he's the only person I can think of who can help you.
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