iPhone repair

    So my phone jumped in the bath a while ago, I took it to bits (I know, bad idea), and now I think I've snapped the connection between the battery and the charge port.

    It's basically (MOD EDIT) - broken
    No insurance and it's not under warranty. I'm going to upgrade at end of month anyway but want to get this one sorted so I can resell.

    Will Apple mend it? Do I just take it into a store?


    if its water damaged then no they wont repair for free, you will need to pay for repair altho not sure how much they will charge, pop into your local store they should give a rough idea

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    Happy to pay - as I've opened it, I think I may have caused some damage anyway! What a prat!

    Just wondered if Apple was the best people to use or whether anyone knows anyone better?

    I dropped an ipod into water a few years back and claimed a new one on the house insurance. That may be an option to you.
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