iPhone repairs

    After nearly a whole year of having my iPhone 3G, it is now a bit worse for wares and I would like to know the best and cheapest places for doing one or all of the following repairs:
    1) (Top priority), The glass lenslayer of the screen now has a number of deep scratches, which is very annoying as they refract the light making them very noticable when using the phone. The actual LCD screen is fine, I just need the outer layer replaced, which I know you have to buy with the digitiser.
    2) The chrome bezel is just a mess, so I would also like to have that repaired if the price us right.
    3) My sister owns an iPhone 2G, and she is just as clumsy as me so has a huge crack, but again only on the outer layer.
    Thanks and I will give rep to anyone that finds a suitable place for one or all of the repairs


    Treat any high value product with care, and you wont need to pay for unnecessary repairs!


    I can recommend ]http//ww….uk having just used them in the past month. I needed a new digitzer (lcd) and screen after an accident! I was a bit doubtful of the claims on the site, but it turned out to be true. Sent my phone off and had it back 3 days later with a new screen etc and like new. No I don't work for the guy or even know him! Company is based in Chester by the way, unlike me ;p

    i could get it all replaced for £80 - Would require a new screen/digitiser as you cant just replaced the glass, and a new offical outter case, along with a offical chrome rim.

    were abouts are you as the front lens can be done for about £50 it all depends were you are
    thanks sammi
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