iPhone reset?


    I bought an iphone and unlocked it...with the help of HUKD!!!!! What a cracking deal...However I wanted to remove songs and give it reset as I have downloaded a lot of stuff from the installer menu random programs like games etc

    Also I want to remove the songs put on am fed up with them...How can I remove them?

    Any ideas .....I noticed a remove all data setting when u go to settings on the iPhone...if I choose this will it freeze the phone as its unlocked?


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    Should allow you to remove songs etc.

    Be careful not to do a full restore as it may set your iPhone back to its original state before you unlocked it.

    You need to be careful when messing with unlocked iPhones as any restoration or updates may cause it to revert to a locked state rendering your iPhone a pretty paperweight.

    you can uninstall stuff through installer. do you want to save your songs or just get rid of them off the phone?

    Which uninstaller would that be then?

    Put it in recovery mode, restore the fimware then just jailbreak / activate / unlock it again
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