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    Hey People!

    Thanks so much for the advice on unlocking the iPhone however my iPhone used to flicker at times but then it was fine. Now it has started to flicker again.

    But the thing is what steps do I take in order to return the phone to its normal state i.e. as its currently jailbroken and has Yellowsn0w, also would I need the original simcard (when it was first bought) by the previous owner for it to work?



    Get aptbackup off Cydia, this will backup any cydia apps and settings and adds a file into the IPSW, then when you restore download apt backup and it will automatically download and install all your cydia apps and settings.

    Don't forget that Apple have release 2.2.1 which upgrades your baseband so if you restore through itunes you won't be able to use Yellowsn0w.

    You will need to find a 2.2.restore IPSW online, plenty if you have a look.

    Then just hit shift and click restore in itunes and select the 2.2.IPSW, quickpwn to jailbreak, aptbackup to restore Cydia apps, itunes to restore App store apps and you're back to normal

    If you have made mods such as Font, home screen widgets, battery icon, wifi icon etc etc you wil need to manually reset these in winterboard.

    Keep an eye out for Jailbird - It's due for release soon and will allow you to make a fully custom IPSW backup for this very situation.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys......So there is no need for the original simcard when I want to take it to the apple shop?

    Cheers :thumbsup:
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