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    my iphone is currently on 4.1 , when 4.2 comes out i dont want to update so how will i be able to restore my iphone without updating or going to itunes??


    Download the 4.1 software from HERE, making sure you choose the correct version for your iphone. Then open itunes, hold down the shift key and click on restore. This allows you to choose the file you have downloaded to restore back to your phone.

    Hope this helps. (_;)

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    thank you mate, so if i do it this way then itunes wont update my phone

    Back up your blob's first, otherwise you won't be able to restore.

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    also i have downloaded the file for my 3g can i use the same file when i use redsn0w to jailbreak

    iTunes won't update your iphone, as long as you choose the 3g file you downloaded. I'm afraid I've never used redsn0w, so can't help you with that one.

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    ive never had to back them up if i have restored with itunes


    ive never had to back them up if i have restored with itunes

    That's because they've only recently brought the prevention in + Cydia may have kindly done it for you already.
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