iphone ringtones

    this might seem like a silly question
    ive googled it but it doesnt seem to help
    how do i get my own mp3 to be my ringtone on my iphone 4 using itunes 10 (latest version)?


    This is ok

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    I was looking at the tutorial and it wants me to install toolbars and things
    any easier options?

    if you have your phone jailbroken then you can use ringtone3 app which will automaticaly turn any song you have on your phone into a ringtone

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    thanks for that ill bare that in mind when the jailbreak for 4.1 comes out.

    Anyring is good too (req jailbreak)

    Right here we go...

    1.Select the song you want as a ringtone
    2.Go to get info
    3.Change the track end time to "0:29" and click ok (or choose which part of the song you want between 20 and 29 seconds. Set a start and end time)
    4.Find it in your itunes libary and right click it and click "create AAC version"
    5.Then right click the one that's 20 to 29 seconds long and click "show in windows explorer"
    6.When it opens make sure you've got your settings set so you can see the file type on the end of the title for example "File Name.mp3" But it will be "m4a". Change the "a" on the end of "m4a" to "r" and click enter and yes to warning then either drag and drop into ringtones or double click and sync your phone and it will be there :-D

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    Thanks for that,
    i have itunes 10 on mac osx but i do not have the ringtone option
    only have the following under the library menu
    tv shows


    Thanks for that,i have itunes 10 on mac osx but i do not have the … Thanks for that,i have itunes 10 on mac osx but i do not have the ringtone optiononly have the following under the library menumusicmoviestv showspodcastsappsradio

    In i-Tunes, Click "Edit"
    then select "Preferences"
    under the "General" tab you can select "Sources" and check the box next to "Ringtones"
    It should then appear.

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    sweet thanks alot
    got it now

    There is also an app on the app store, which is currently the no1 paid app, which is pretty good (_;)


    Just select the mp3 on your phone and click "set as ringtone"

    Oh, hang on. That only works on every single other phone out there
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