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Found 4th Jan 2011
After looking at various Iphone sales on here I have noticed that sellers are devaluing and making their Iphones less desirable by updating to the latest software before selling.

If you want to sell for more and quicker do not do this as it makes it harder to Jailbreak and unlock the carrier.
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Unlocking shouldn't be an issue if u are with O2 as they unlock it for free and if u have got unlocked iPhone jailbreak shouldn't be a problem. Just need to wait a bit longer that's it
people are doing it accidentally, but have you noticed that sellers are omitting what firmware it's on in the main advert, as a buyer, you have to ask!
ive been waiting 3 about months for the dev team to update ultrasn0w to unlock the latest baseband for the iphone 4 its on t mobile but i got a 30 day contract with tesco
o2 take ages to unlock, If they bother at all.

o2 take ages to unlock, If they bother at all.

o2 are really quick , done mine with in a week
How do you get o2 to unlock free of charge?
Follow the link n fill in the form


o2 are really quick , done mine with in a week

did you get an email?. I filled in the form for a phone I purchased that was second hand but past the 12 month warranty period and I have heard nothing it has been about 4 weeks. I have a o2 contract with them.

U need to buy the iPhone from o2
U need to buy the iPhone or it on a contract from O2
Will they unlock for a fee?.
It's free if you got a contract from O2 or I think they will charge £10 if you on pay as you go but still worth than waiting for ultraslow or any unlocking tool every time there is a software update
You need to top up £20 to get it with 02
I do have a contract on o2. Had it for 3 years
But did u get iPhone on contract with O2
If I wanted to put my vodaphone iphone onto O2 PAYG (or £10 a month 30 day contract) do you think they would do that for free? As I would be putting £100+ a year their way, and their competitor would be losing out by the same amount.
U need to buy the phone from O2 either on a contract or pay as u go
I emailed o2 again last night and got a reply today. My phone has been unlocked :).

I am on a o2 contract but purchased the phone 2nd hand so you do not need to purchase from o2.
I think it has to be locked to o2 in the first place though.
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