iPhone SE 2022 keeps turning off

Posted 27th Jan 2023
This has happened twice now. The phone is dead and none of the tricks I read from internet worked. First time phone was dead for three days and then suddenly turned on. I visited Genius Bar but they didn’t really help because the phone was on again. Last night this happened again and twelve hours later it turned itself on again. I can’t use this kind of phone that keeps doing this. Phone is still under warranty.
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  1. xCobehx's avatar
    Replace it under warranty?(confused)
    Downtownmonkey's avatar
    Do they usually replace it if I ask?
  2. ahk_08's avatar
    Reset back for factory settings and start as a new phone - see if that helps/works
  3. sm9690's avatar
    Go to the apple support app, initiate a conversation, tell them the issue and they can run remote diagnostics, get the crash logs etc
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