Found 1st Feb 2010
Can you buy iPhone sims anywhere?
Really need one but can only see them on eBay


I put up a request on for sale/trade board and apparently you cant buy it here. Ebay is the only place. They are so expensive now. I bought couple of them for £3 like 3 months ago and now they go for £40.

I am not gonna buy one for that much as im not sure whether I can use it again because I already used my 12 free months. Anyone knows if i can use a new sim to get it again?

save your money ..the new trick is to buy a new TMob PAYG SIM from say Poundland..
next apply a £20 topuptmobile and then send a text message "6MONTHWEB" to 441.
You'll get a message back shortly saying you've got "unlimited" web access for 6 months!
Take the sim out of the phone and use as you like ..dongle? , embedded 3G net book? , MIFI dongle?
YeaH i know it's £40 for the year but at at least you can use it in any phone while technically O2 say they'll bock/ throttle the SIM after 2 warnings if they become aware it's not being used in an iphone .
I use the O2 sim myself in a netbook only ...past 7 months ..and have not been blocked/throttled yet. I did set up an ordinary O2 PAYG for a pal 3 months ago..we just obtained an ordinary O2 SIM, then called up O2 and got the WEBbolton applied for 12 months ..& he gets the free web notification every month so far or if you're feeling very brave then go into an O2 store & request to buy one.. they're not supposed to sell to you but again I know someone who once got one that way
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