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    Hi, i'm going on holiday soon and wanted to pop my Iphone PAYG sim in an old mobile just incase I lose it on holiday.I read BT were a bit funny about this due to people using them for mobile broadband, does anyone know what the consequences are?



    Whats it got to do with BT?

    what exactly will you be using the sim for? texts and phone calls or are you planning on using it for data?

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    Just texts and calls, I meant O2 by the way.

    it shouldn't be a problem as you'll still be charged the full roaming amount of the phone calls and texts whilst abroad.

    Have a look here and put in your destination, it'll give you an idea of expected charges.…php

    If you're outside the UK, it won't matter what phone/sim combo you use.

    When you use your phone here the network logs the phones IMEI whenever you use it, when you roam the info is still collected but only send to your home network in files once a day, so they have no control over how you use you phone or sim.

    I've just returned from holiday and used my iphone for wifi networks, i came home to a data bill that i've queried, apparently the iphone automatically switches the data roaming on if the wifi drops, i've thought i've been on wifi but the phones switched itself over to roaming and accrued £27 of data charges!!

    The only way to alleviate this is to keep the data roaming off and switch airplane mode on when using wifi! (in cae you decide to take your iphone)

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    Thanks for the advice.


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