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    Hi everyone,
    My brother has kindly given me an iPhone 3G (locked to O2) which I need to get a sim card for.

    Currently I'm using a 5800 on PAYG with 3, the 150mb/ 600 texts which I get free for topping up £10 (and last 3 months) are more than enough for me, therefore I did wonder about paying the £15 O2 unlock fee and then continuing with 3.

    The only thing I'm worried about is how data heavy iPhones are? I'll typically use data for checking e-mail 5 times a day. How data heavy is the e-mail push function? If I set it to push every half an hour will that chomp through my data fast?

    Also, I notice that the big carriers offer specific "iPhone" tariffs, is the only difference from iPhone to normal the amount of data allowance bundled in?

    If the phone is going to be data heavy then I might go for the £15 per month iPhone simplicity tariff, with the £40 quidco co it brings it down to about £12 a month. Are there any better deals out there for around 200 minutes a month + 100 texts + 50mb?

    If the iPhone can be made to be less data heavy then I might just go for a normal pay monthly tariff with redemption cash back to make it much cheaper.

    Many thanks,



    If the phone is out of contract and your Brother had it with O2 then he can phone them and they will unlock it for free, infact I believe that there is an online thing to fill in.... Here, other solutions would be to jailbreak and unlock it which is of course free. As for data they can be heavy depending on what you do on it, if you could get on a free internet pay and play then I would seriously look at that.
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    Thanks for the info,
    I saw that O2 would unlock for free if it was a contract, does the original contract sim have to be in the phone for them to send the unlock? ... he lives at the other end of the country and I only started looking into it after I got the phone back! Doh!

    Also, what internet pay and play deals are out there? There are a few companies offering unlimited data for a month or 2 before dropping you into a lower amount / pay monthly for data pack.

    the original sim doesnt need to be in the phone mate, when I did it they said that I would recieve a text in approx 14 days but when I hooked it upto itunes about 2-3 days after filling in the form it just comes up saying congratulations your device is now unlocked so that sorted it for me. Will have a dig about my phone stuff to see which is the best internet pay&go deal and get back to you.

    Try here for the best sim deals hope this helps mate


    Original Poster

    Fantastic, thank you very much for your help
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