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Found 16th Jun 2010
Hey guys,

I've had an iphone simplicity (30 day rolling contract, 20 quid/month 600 mins 1200 texts with unlimited data bundle) since december.

i'm wondering: the current "unlimited data" option is "fair use" with no preset limit. can they just change this? i.e. if i get the iphone4 and continue with my simplicity plan, can they just cap my data usage or change the terms of my rolling contract?


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for the iphone4 you need a micro sim so I would have thought o2 would 'upgrade' you so you'd be affected by the new terms, not too sure about if you carry on with the 'old' iPhone.

I'm on the 'for smart phones'(have the desire) £15/month 12month contract, so I'm wondering what will happen next feb when the 12months ends. will I be able to leave it as a rolling contract and keep the unlim data or will it change to the new terms, the guy I spoke to in the o2 store said that it'll stay as unlim due to the 'contract' not changing(but I'm secpticle, will have to wait and see).

i spoke to o2 who said that all new contracts, regardless, will have their limits capped. It's listed on their website too (pricing structure), none were unlimited, maximum was 1gb per month!!

Well I had this problem with my vodafone contract. It states unlimited internet on paperwork and the t&c state subject to fair usage. They said after my 12months the fair usage will be 500mb on standard tariffs even if I continue with it. I expect all networks to go with 500mb as the normal standard.

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indicates that if yuo're on a simplicity plan BEFORE the new plans come out you have unlimited/fair use option for as long as you keep the plan. after the new plans come out, it's capped.
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