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I am looking at getting a new mobile this summer. I want to get the iphone because of all its add-on features and gizmos. But lately there have been some really good deals on the Nokia 5800 and Blackberry Storm which would probably end up costing me half the price of a new iphone.

How do these other phones compare? If anyone has personal experience with the Storm or 5800 I'd love to hear about them. Thank you.



don't buy an iphone at the mo - wait until the summer.

storm is apparently very buggy, but I've not used one yet.

iPhone hands down I've seen the others and none of them compare (other than camera), but as vibeone says wait a few months as the new model will be coming out... unless you desperately need one right now. I was asking a similar question just before christmas and was 100% glad that people advised me the iPhone you won't regret it, others may have better features but they just don't compare in looks, ui, apps etc.

Storm is pants! dont know about nokia, but the iphone is by far market leader

The Iphone does have some very basic features missing (update to come which should fix these) apps are brilliant though although I do miss my Nokia N95 - hopefully the update will improve it further

you can add most of the missing features by jailbreaking your phone, if you're into doing that kinda stuff- the only thing I miss really is a true copy and paste, the other features MMS etc I don't miss as I never used them in the first place. The only thing I don't like about the iPhone is the camera during the day its OK but at night you may as well not bother, and the battery life (although I leave wifi on most of the time, which deffinately doesn't help). Everything else makes up for those niggles

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Thanks everyone. It sounds like I should wait a few months for the iPhone price drop. Rep added for your troubles.

i would suggest to take Nokia's 5800,good luck



i would suggest to take Nokia's 5800,good luck




Well, the 5800 has a lot more features. And it costs less. But apart from that...…638

In fairness the iPhone does have a nicer interface with slightly less niggles, but I'd go with the 5800 just for the open formats, etc. I don't have to buy into Apple's partner network, proprietary software, etc.

I haven't played with the Storm, but I don't really understand why all the fascination with Blackberrys. They aren't phone shaped and the Storm doesn't look that great:…DIU
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