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    Orange have released their iPhone pricing and it's the same extortionate price as O2, give or take a couple of pennies. I'm disappointed but not surprised.
    That said, I'd like to get an iPhone. I have an HTC Diamond currently, had an N95 before that and wasn't impressed with either. I'm not convinced Android is mature enough yet and I think the iPhone apps make the difference.

    So, assuming that it's an iPhone, are there any clever ways to get it a little cheaper.

    Currently I'm with Orange and pay £25pm for 600mins, unlimited texts, unlimited (500MB) internet. They gave me a free HTC Diamond 18 months ago.

    If I can get an HTC Hero for free I could flog it on eBay for £250-£300 quid, then pay the remaining £250-£300 or so for a 32GB 3GS and have a £25pm contract. So the total cost over 18months would be £725 - cheaper than the iPhone tariff.

    Other options are get a SIM only tariff and buy the iPhone off contract, benefit being I'd then be on a monthly deal and would be able to pick and choose in about 6 months time when the next version is out, or if Android improves.

    Any ideas folks? Or do I just suck it up and buy it from Orange (or O2) like a normal person?


    Wait for vodafone to release the exact same prices / tariffs or just take the plunge.

    Someone from the Orange upgrade team has been posting on MSE saying that there will be no offers to existing customer and no way round it. The system won't allow them to discount it no matter what the customer say or threatens to do.
    Sounds like Apple are telling them what they can and can't do.

    Find a friend who works for O2 and get a 30% discount (friends and family) on the line rental.

    Costing me just over £30 per month for 1200 mins, 500 txt and unlimited data for my iPhone 3GS.

    Orange haven't got a clue half the time as there customer service is probably the worst I have ever experienced so personally I would stay clear. Been on o2 with the iPhone for over 18 months now with no probs whatsoever. Also I have a contract with Vodafone and have for about 15 years, again with no probs, and there CS i think is excellent so I would wait for Vodafone pricing then go with them or o2.

    So the total cost over 18months would be £725 - cheaper than the iPhone … So the total cost over 18months would be £725 - cheaper than the iPhone tariff.

    If thats the cost, vodafone will defo not do it cheaper than that.
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