Iphone Tarrif advice - Simplicitiy contract

Hi folks, need some advice please.

My contract runs out at the end of this month and im looking to upgrade to an iphone 3gs 8GB or 16GB.

I with 02 atm and came across this tarrif plan


Is this right? I can just take out this tarrif for £15 a month for 12 months and have 300mins n texts with unlimited 3g.

I was thinking of buying a 3gs model for say £250-£300 and selling my old 2g 16G (say £150) then taking out this tarrif. Hope this makes sense and that Ive got it right

Only thing im worried about is insurance


First of all, I am not an expert.

you should contact CS and ask them for your PAC (I am not sure about the spelling of that one :P) number, it means that you want to change provider but keep your phone number.

When they ask the reason you want to leave them, tell them that you want the Iphone 16GB but you are not willing to pay the money they ask for the monthly contract.

Then they will offer something better (it always varies from the person that is at the other end of the line).

Still say that you want to speak with the cancellation department for your PAC (still not sure about the spelling) number.

This team will offer you a better deal, better than what you would expect.


PS1. do a small research about what other providers will give you as a new customer, also see what O2 will give you as a new customer.

PS2. You have to sound determined to change provider, but always give them the chance to offer you something good. Say things like: I've been offered this (which can be true or not but NEVER a big lie).

PS3. You can also start your talking for the Iphone 32GB and drop to 16 or 8 if they offer what you want.

PS4. Have in mind that now that the Iphone 4 is due the 3Gs will drop price more and also the providers will try to get rid of it and tie you with a lengthy contract. if you see that all the talking is leading to nothing, then say that you will call them back after you think about their offers.

Why would you even think about getting a 3gs with the 4g out in 4 days

Its only like £500 for the 16gb

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Why would you even think about getting a 3gs with the 4g out in 4 days … Why would you even think about getting a 3gs with the 4g out in 4 days Its only like £500 for the 16gb http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone

too expensive. Lookin to get 2nd hand 3gs, hopefully with some warranty left
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