Iphone text and web pay as you go. Any way of sending photos to friends?

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Found 15th May 2011
My son has been given my partners old 3GS iPhone and I have put him on the text and web pay as you go. This is because he doesn't really need to make phone calls except in emergencies but likes to surf the web and play games etc.
The terms say that any picture messages are all charged.
He is allowed web browsing.
I am wondering whether there is any way he can send photos to friends and family without incurring a charge.
Not really understanding phones much I wondered if he could download a photo to some third party site and then send a text to a friend with a link to that site or something like that.
Thank you for any advice.


Use PING or MSN?

If you both have the app you can both send tesxt and messages using WiFi/Internet

only way i can think of is via e mail tbh am on same tarriff but it costs for mms messages

Use whatsapp. I've completely stopped using text:)

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Will take a look at all those thank you.

Yeah agree with the others, get Whatsapp and you good to go.

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Thanks guys that's great will definitely get it. You always sort all my little technical queries out.
Thanks yet again you have come up trumps.

I use dropbox. You use it to upload a picture to your account online and then you can text someone the link so they can see it on their phone. Quick and painless.

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Hi hypnoticstate
That's great thanks I am downloading whatsapp at the moment. Looks great. I think I am right in that all friends who were being sent a photo would need the app.
The drop box option does the person receiving the link have to have an account with dropbox or do they simply press the link and it goes straight to the photo.
It may be that both options are our best choices until more of his friends have whatsapp. No doubt he will spend the rest of the evening texting everybody to get it.

Yeah both need to have Whatsapp, you can send an invite txt message to people on your contacts to get Whatsapp. Its well worth having for 59p i think it is? lol

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Yes got it now. Made me laugh it checked my contacts and none of my friends have it. We are way too old. How cool am I going to be passing this gem on to them.

Can you use whatsapp to text normal numbers free or is it just to contact other people on whatsapp?

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I have been testing it on my sons. We all got the app so I think you have to all have it but it's brilliant. We sent photos and videos to each other all as a group. Great for the kids. Only cost 59p for my iPhone and on my sons android it was free. The kids have passed it on to their friends.

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Just on what you have said above do you have to be on wifi to get it free. If you're not will you be charged. Sorry I get a bit confused with tech. My sons are on a tariff called text and web with 02.
If anyone can answer this I would appreciate it. At the moment my kids are thinking they can use it when they are out. As we live in a small village they won't be on wifi.

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Yes sorry I have only used a smart phone once abroad and totally forgot the charges were horrendous. My son already has a few mates on it now. No doubt by the end of the week the whole school year will be.
This will save us a fortune and make using their phones so much more fun.
Also thanks for helping me out with a few network problems earlier in week. This forum has so many helpful people on it.
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