iPhone to Samsung/Samsung to iPhone

    Has anyone made the switch recently? Was it worth it? I need your thoughts!


    Went from iPhone 5 to Galaxy s6 and regretted it for last 8 months. Am ordering a iPhone 7 as soon as they go on sale.


    Went from iPhone to Galaxy Note 4. Ive had nothing but problems in dealing with Samsung and their partners. The 1st partner broke my phone and denied it. Finally got a new phone. That was faulty and had to leave it back 3 times for a repair. Never fixed it. So waiting 3 months now for a replacement from the Samsung head office. Out this week or so they keep telling me. At least with Apple if there is an issue they'll change your phone straight away. In saying that, the apps for the TVs are better on the Samsung.

    Flip a coin. Heads, you'll get Apple's caged-in ecosystem and boring, non-customisable UI and tails you'll get Samsung's bloatware and downright ugly hardware. (On second thoughts maybe you need a new coin aha).

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    Depends what you prefer really you wont get a good answer just opinions. Apple phones are higher quality which is just fact and the customer care is brilliant

    However if u hate ios then your not going to like it so get an android lol

    Try a Nexus. You won't regret it.

    I had an iphone 5 then switched to the sony z2... That fone was good had waterproof features and all sorts however then bought the iphone 6s! Id probably get an iphone if you already have an ipad or anyother apple products if not look at getting the oneplus three or sony z5!
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    I've got an iPhone 6 and really like it, I'm just a tad bored of IOS now as I've had iPhones since the 3G and they don't seem to be moving forward as quickly as the Samsungs

    The last couple of phones I've had (S3 and S5) have been Samsung and also my works Note 4 and have not really had an issue with them apart from where I dropped my S5 just inside the 2 year warranty and a couple of mm of the laminate that goes over the screen in the corner came loose. I took it into the Samsung shop in Wembley and they replaced the screen under warranty with no charge.
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