Iphone Unlocking

    Hi people.

    Does anyone know a good website to get info/sofware to unlock my new Uk Iphone so I can us my 02 pay as you go sim??...I can only find info on the USA iphone:x

    any help appreciated...thanks


    I dnt think you can unlock the uk iphone its got some special software in it if you try to unlock it it like shuts down

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    I was under the impression it has been unlocking in the Uk but only for 02 payg sim cards:oops:

    nope u cant the only people people did that was to to sign up to the contract themselves and then use a pay and go sim.

    You have to have the unlocking software for your iphone, there isn't a site you can go to for that you are going to have to check out your provider for that.

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    Thanks dcx_badass will check the links, will these work using a PC as I don't have a Mac???

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    found it....thanks:oops:
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