iPhone Unlocking

    Anyone unlocked an iPhone themselves and can provide some help / info?

    it's an origina 2g 8gb iphone

    any advice would be very much appreciated..


    i had my iphone 3gs unlocked by O2 for £15 but if you jailbrake it you can do it yourself for free. See link -…tml



    O2 will unlock it for free

    not if your on PAYG which will cost £15

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    Cheers guys but I'm not on o2

    thanks for the links to the tools


    if you want to jailbreak it at the same time, just use blackra1n, simpliest thing to use. All depends whether you want a jailbreak as well though

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    Would anyone recommend jailbreaking?



    Would anyone recommend jailbreaking?

    yeah definately. So many usefull things become available. My favourite is the backgrounder app which lets things run in the background. So I can keep playing and still browse the internet. Or keep facebook chat open and do other stuff. You can also get apps you would have to pay for, for free. Illegal im sure, but nothing will ever happen.

    If you want to do it just go [URL=""]here[/URL], download the windows one, put your iphone in, run it and its done in seconds

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    Thanks to everyone who helped

    Unlocked and jailbroken last night using Pwnage tool ..
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