Found 26th Dec 2014
Happy boxing day everyone. Could someone help please. My partner received a iphone 4 for Christmas (kind of a hand me down) but long story short, my partner is on o2 and the iPhone is locked to Vodafone. is there any way for a simpleton to unlock it without breaking the bank or is it a skilled process. Thanks all.

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Best bet is get a Vodafone pay as you go Sim, put £20 on it. Go to Vodafone website and look for unlocking page. Fill the form in and in a day or two they will get back to you and tell you to connect your iPhone to itunes to finalise the unlocking process. Once done your iPhone will be Sim free and unlocked forever. Some people may do it cheaper but it may not be fully unlocked.

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Thanks evouk for the swift reply. appreciate it. Have a good day.

Who ever give it to her should be able to get Voda to unlock it if they call them.

A network unlock is the only sure way. Anything else and if you ever update ios it'll just lock back to Voda.

Just to add to the last post it shouldn't cost the last person who had the iPhone to unlock it so it maybe the cheaper option if possible.
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