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Can someone please help out a wi-fi, internet novice here? I've come to my upgrade time on my phone contract and I'm looking to upgrade to an iphone.

I was thinking of moving from Orange to o2 as they have a bigger allowance on their wi-fi and mobile browsing, which to be fair I would hammer. Orange have 750 meg, o2 says unlimited but I've heard somewhere that it's 1 gig.

Just got off the phone to Orange who say that I won't use 750 meg, the usual stuff to get me to upgrade with them. The lady said that if I use BT Openzone or any other wi-fi hotspot this doesn't go towards my totals (when it clearly says Separate Fair Usage policies of 750MB / Month apply to both BT Openzone Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet Browsing) so I'm not sure if she's telling me the truth or porkie pies. Probably the latter.

I would only use my iphone on wi-fi I imagine, as I have internet access at home and work on PC's and I spend most of my time either at work or home, and have wi-fi in the house. The mobile browsing I will use if I'm bored out and about or sitting on a train.

So I ask, should I give in to temptation today and upgrade at the Orange shop in town and probably get a huge bill at the end of each month, or should I wait for o2 when my contract expires in May?


They wouldn't offer you 750mg if it wasn't enough; however the 1gb would be better for you as it would mean no worries... I have the iPhone on T-mobile and have 1gb allowance and have never gone over despite using my phone 24/7 (literally) !

Yes BT Openzone usage does go against usage allowance, its when you are using your home wifi that it doesn't go against it.

You are more likely to use 3G when outside of your home as you are on the move.

What do you think you will hammer, internet browsing, You tube?

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Cheers for the replies. I think I'll probably use things like iplayer, tvcatchup etc a fair bit while I'm travelling with work. I'm thinking no more than a couple of hours a day but I've heard that streaming takes up a fair chunk.

I've just come back off the phone to Orange to ask them about the BT Openzone question I raised above, and they again said that it would not go against me if I did connect to one of their wi-fi spots. I’m confused by it all now!

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Think I've answered one of my questions;

Inclusive WiFi - use of BT Openzone hotspots in the UK only . Fair Usage policy of 750MB applies . Usage above 750MB per month may result in suspension of Wifi services and/or suspension of your account. The 750MB Fair Usage Policy does not apply when using your iPhone on domestic WiFi. Note however that some domestic broadband packages have download limits and customers should be aware that using the iPhone to access the web through domestic WiFi will contribute to domestic data usage.

So why are their staff saying I can?
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