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    If I buy an Iphone in the UK will it be okay to take it to Australia and just change the sim card to a new provider? My daughter wants one for xmas but then shes going to Aus for 3 months and doesnt want to buy a new phone there but I have no experience of what will work? Any advice please, thank you


    From what I believe the phone will lock to the first card installed

    I think it should be okay. I have an iPhone 6 and have changed network provider without any problems. You

    If the iphone was intially purchased unlocked then it should be fine, the only thing you will have to do is connect via itunes once youve installed the new sim card to activiate it. Done this plenty of times when travelling abroad

    If you buy one from the Apple store you can use any sim card as the phones are unlocked. If you buy through one of the mobile companies they lock to the first sim card you put in it. This might help:…ked

    If the iPhone is unlocked then yes, that would be fine.

    is Oz not a 3 at home country? If so get it on 3 and just use sim?

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    I havent got the phone yet as wanted to find out first. Really looking for a used one so do I just make sure its unlocked? Looking at an iphone 5 if can get a reasonable price.
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