Iphone Users - Whats your favourite Apps??

    Hi, my girlfriend recently got an Iphone and we have been getting some apps so just wondered if any of you could recommend any or tell me what your favourites are??
    Also does anyone know of an app or a website that work with iphone for catch up tv as my girlfriend can only get bbc website to work and she wants to catch up on itv and channel 4 programmes as well.


    Will rep any advice!!


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    ~Thanks, will read through those, repped.
    But the catchuptv, she already uses but you can only watch live tv with that not catch up with programmes already been on. Silly name for the website really when its live tv.

    Thanks again.

    i love the moron test!


    Facebook, ihotukdeals, urban spoon, fling, ebay, saynoto0870 and skyplus :-)

    There's no iPhone catch up apps for ITV or Ch4 yet...I personally am keeping a very close eye on the new SeeSaw website - if they release an iPhone app/site, that'll be Ch4 covered at least...

    I'd recommend Google Earth (free), Metro UK (free - read the Metro newspaper online), iHotUKDeals (the app for this very website - again, free), Met Office (better than the built in weather app - free), Orange Wednesdays (free - see what's on at the cinema), PS Mobile (free - mobile Photoshop - great tool for editing photos), The Trainline (look up trains times - free), Tioti TV free (free TV listings app) and Wikipedia (free).

    As games to pass the time, I'd recommend Flight Control (line drawing game to land planes - 59p), Peggle (firing balls at pegs - very very addictive and very very brilliant - but pricier...about £2.99 I think), and Words With Friends - which is like Scrabble you play against other iPhone users (free, but has advert - the non-advert version is £1.79).

    Not a bad bunch for little over a fiver, I'd say!

    p.s. i had to buy an iphone for this app!!!
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