iPHONE validated on Quidco on O2 for £100

    I've just had a message come up on quidco, letting me know that the iphone I bought from the O2 website in April for £170, which I had jailbroken, has now been validated for £100.

    Has anybody else had this good fortune?


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    [email protected];2965131

    What are you doing awake at 3:30?

    I was trying to get this ]£1 collage deal sorted. I had to sort through loads of photos and as I didn't know when the loophole would close, I wanted to get it sorted last night. It took approx. 3 long hours!

    don't understand???

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    don't understand???

    It's not that important lol

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    Shall we get back on topic

    the porter;2965950

    yep me too just hope they pay now not bad an iphone for £79

    give me a shout if you bag an iphone for £79 lol

    hhad mine validated aswell, it says payment date september, it would be sweet if they paid out £100, but i dont hink it will happen.

    I have been paid 2 lots of £60 for 2 iPhones purchased from Carphone Warehouse, don't see why the payment would not go through for you ;-)

    w00t!! Mine has validated too. This could be lovely :-D

    Just checked mine has validated also will be great if it goes through!

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    the £100 has now been changed to the status of 'received'

    So it's looks like I'm definitely getting the money :-D

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    give me a shout if you bag an iphone for £79 lol

    I'm giving you a shout :thumbsup:

    quidco have paid me aswell . woop woop !! :-D


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