Iphone valuation

    How much would you expect to pay for an iphone 3g 8gb that has scratches on the back and a small crack, and also the power button on the top no longer works?

    im not selling it im just interested in purchasing it but wondered how much it would be worth, the seller states carphone warehouse offered them £150 trade in and offered me the phone for £120,can anyone with more knowledge than me on Iphones let me know if it is this worth it?

    Many thanks


    Yes it's worth it

    Original Poster

    is the power button an easy fix? they have just sent me a message saying i can have it for £90 so i might go for it if its an easy fix

    Didn't read the power button part, mmm not worth it then leave it.

    how can the phone been turned on ?

    Original Poster

    it might be like the ipod touch that it switches on when connected to a comp that would do until it was fixed as i would then just keep it charged

    To be honest I would leave it alone, the power button bit doesn't look too good.

    got to wonder why they are willing to sell it to you cheaper than they could trade it in for.

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    didnt go for it in the end, but it went on ebay for £151... thats mad
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