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    hi there got my iphone about 4days ago fantastic phone but i have a problem i jailbraked it myself works fine mint software i am on CYDI ment to be the best not sure..... err my problem is my GF likes to go on faceboob poker and farmtown and stuff like that but the iphone don't support addobe flast media yet and i was told if i use a program called
    vnc rdp.............. vnc................... jaadu vnc............. i can remote access my computer anywhere and do this i have been on utube and googled this and followed what they say installed all the software on my laptop and just carn't seem to get it working just says connecting all the time............... just wondered if any 1 havs managed to do this and been through the problems i have been through any help from any 1 would be fantastic thank iphone is 3g 8gig i have broadband upto 6ish meg err my router is b.t voyager 2110 on wifi please please help me i want my GF off my back lol

    thank u


    Download RDP Lite from the app store - works a treat.

    If you are planning to access you PC from outside your house (e.g. not in range of your wireless LAN) then you need to either set up Port Forwarding on your Router or put your PC in the DMZ of your router......which brings it's own set of risks. E.g. - it's open to all internet traffic and nastyness.....

    Best to use Port Forwarding, IMO.

    Good Luck

    If jailbroken, checkout Logmein Ignition. I use the free version daily from work and the ihpone app costs about £6 (free if look in the right places of course!)

    Original Poster

    thank for your replys

    how do i port forward????

    this is over me lol

    thank u again

    This could be why what you are using is not working.

    Your router (is correctly) blocking the RDP traffic from you iPhone. You need to tell the router that any RDP traffic should be directed (or Port Forwarded) to your PC. In your Router control panel there should be a section to let you do this. You need two bits of information, the port number you want to forward and the ip address of your PC. The port number you want to forward is 3389, and only you will know the ipaddress of your PC, prob or something like that. It would be worth while setting your PC with a static ip address so that it never changes and therefor the port forwarding never stops working.

    Forgot to add - it's a TCP port, which will be an option you need to choose - TCP or UDP will be the options.

    Found this that might help you -…htm

    You use 3389 in all the start and end port ranges for both external and internal.

    You don't need to port forward with Logmein, very simple to use.
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