Found 23rd May 2010
Hi again, looking for assistance with Iphones. Currently have Vodafone sim only contract expires in January currently using a Sony X1 phone (which is not locked). Looking to buy unlocked Iphone to add my Vodafone sim, does anyone know where I get buy `brand new` Iphone PAYG or unlocked for reasonable price? seen O2 offer unlocking within 14 days, is this a viable uncomplicated option? I did look to get out of my sim only but Vodafone wanted settlement of outstanding contract which was a bit of a waste...Thanks again for any input...


only option you've got is using the o2 option to get it unlocked after you have purchased the phone brand new from apple or o2, or look in the FS section here for a brand new unlocked one.

You'll find it hard to find a factory unlocked iphone from retail online sites.

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Thanks, using unlocked O2 option is within 14 days, is this a potential problem at any point in the future for any reason?

Nope because you got the phone unlocked via a official network so it would be fine

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ok thanks, maybe will look to purchase online tomorrow, seems to be cheapest option at the moment...Thanks again.

Ask someone who has upgrade from tmobile ad iPhone available on tmobile are factory unlocked

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will have a look for payg price, thanks

have a look in the for sale section here, you might find a brand new one cheaper and also you don't need the receipt for warranty purposes, but you could ask the seller if they have the receipt, most do!

I have a iphone for sale here but it's not brand new.

I got an iphone of an auction site... was locked to o2. put an o2 payg sim in with £15 credit.
o2 unlocked it after 2-3 days.. they say 14 days to be safe.

they declined to unlock it first. email them and gave them the serial number of the sim card... and they did it.

paid £416 delivered. black iphone 3gs 32gb. brand new, and 12 months warranty from when I registered it on itunes.

be careful with that "auction" site though.... remember sellers rating etc.. if you decide to go down that route.

hope that helps
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