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    Hi, wondering if anyone could offer some advice pretty please?

    My lil bro spent £350 on a PAYG iPhone 3 months ago and now its decided to die. He took it back to the o2 store and they sent it off and then it came straight back saying they wouldnt look at it as it was water damaged with a pic of a tiny pink dot in the headphone water sensor. My brother assures me there hasnt been a drop of water near it.

    It annoys me that they obv havent even looked to see if the water damage prob was anything to do with why its died and it blatently hasnt been in water.

    So i called Apple to have a rant and after arguing with a woman for a while she put me on to her supervisor who said actually if i took it to the apple store they would open it and as long as the internal sensors havent gone off its still covered. I asked for that in writing but she said she couldnt provide it.

    My worry is we'll take the phone to the store tomorrow and have the same prob with them as we did with o2 and the first woman at apple and they'll just say if the sensors gone off there is nothing they will do.

    Just wondering if anyone had experienced the same prob and had any advice on what to say tomorrow if they decide they wont honor what the supervisor at apple said?



    if the sensor has gone off then nothing you can do....remember to make a genius bar appointment at apple as if you just turn up they probably wont be able to deal with you particularly on a saturday

    they will offer you a replacement iphone at a reduced price however)I think its about £180

    If the water sensor's tripped it can be uphill work getting them to look beyond it.

    All you can do is calmly argue your case and see where it gets you.

    BTW, you do know you need to book a slot at the Apple stores before you go? You can do it online at the Apple site.

    If i buy a friends iphone that has water damage would they still offer me it at a reduced price?

    Wow .. i never knew they had these sort of sensors .. i regually take my iphone in the bathroom with me .. but reading some of the things online things like the steam in there could trigger that sensor ..


    Wow .. i never knew they had these sort of sensors .. i regually take my … Wow .. i never knew they had these sort of sensors .. i regually take my iphone in the bathroom with me .. but reading some of the things online things like the steam in there could trigger that sensor ..

    It probably already has. Tripping the sensor doesn't do anything apart from changing it's colour. But if it ever goes wrong they'll turn down any repair. . .

    Mehhh it's easy to argue, say you've been in a warm room, condensation, etc. You just have to stand firm and be willing to try for 20 mins, speak to manager, etc, for any phone.. Although, if you frop it in a bucket of water you're screwed. I've dropped maybe 4 phones in rivers and taken them in maybe 2 weeks later without showing any signs of water damage strangely, I figure the main sign is the chemicals from non-fresh water clinging to the circuitry.

    Blabbering on. Good luck with your appointment!

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    Thanks for all the help guys! The sensors gone off on mine to as my baby girl likes to slobber all over it but luckily has no problems with it as i know i'd be screwed if i tried to take it back. My brother on the other hand is super careful with his. You should see the size of the dot on the sensor its stupid! I've read up on them on the net and it looks like loads of ppl have the same issue and that apple just fit them to get out of warranty.

    Budgie yours has prob already gone off, just google it and you'll find pics of where to look.

    I didnt know you had to book the appointments but the supervisor booked me one anyway so all set for tomorrow. Thanks again for the help!

    It's £139 to replace the iphone from apple, they're quoted me the same price instore for a 3gs and 3g replacement, so I think £139 is the standard price.

    I had the same water sensor issue- my 3gs wouldn't turn on. I took it in and they opened it up to make sure the sensor hadn't changed colour because of a malfuction. if it turns out there is no sign of water damage, they will probably replace it free, otherwise they'll charge you £139 for a new one.

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    They fixed the phone for free under warrenty whoop! Plus my bro got £20 comp from O2 for the hassle. I cant believe the cheek of o2 just sending it back like that, i bet this has effected so many people who havent even thought to try again with apple. Bad Bad service o2 trying to rip a kid off like that!
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