iphone woes


    Need a lil bit of a lifeline here... can't get itunes to see iphone on my pc

    OS: windows 7 64 bit
    iphone 3gs
    Can see the device in device manager fine... itunes never picks it up
    Works fine on another machines (windows xp)

    I've looked all over the net.. not much luck!


    Not sure but it work on mine. Win7 64bit

    Original Poster

    Just got it working... !!!

    Its not drivers, it wasn't the version of Itunes, one website told me to get vista 64 drivers and run them in windows 7 64-bit.. glad I didn't waste my time!
    Itunes HAS to be running in adminstrator mode! Tick box on shortcut must be set. It's wierd as my login account is administrator too!

    Did you have to do the same thing?

    After all that.... nearly rebuilt machine too!

    1 day that took.. looks bad as I work in IT too!

    You just reminded me that I had this issue last week.
    Thanks for the fix :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    No problem.

    There are 1000's of posts all over forums! Nobody has thought of this! Even though you are logged in as administrator.. windows 7 will not run itunes in administrator mode unles you right click on it and "run as" or have the tick box ticked to run it every time.
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