iPhone wont restore

    I went to download iOS 4 earlier when it stopped half way and put my phone in to recovery mode, ****ed up. So I have been trying everything to get it out, when I try to restore the phone i get an error message 21 during the "preparing iPhone" stage and I have even tried manually downloading the firmware and restoring it that way, I tried 4.0, 3.1.3, 3.1.2, 3.0. I even tried using a different computer but I still get the same problem. I am a few days out of warranty (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) so it will cost me to get it fixed so does anyone have any ideas of what I can try?


    get down to ur apple store as soon as possible. Today in manc i saw them replace someones iphone for free and their warranty expiration was 15th may. If ur a few days out they might be kind

    + they might be able to fix it without replacing it. They've got more technical programs

    Don't panic, my previous post might help
    So its below:
    "Firstly I am on windows xp. Itunes was giving me the error code 2002 when I tried to download ios4 today; I suspected that it was my anti-virus/firewall (comodo Internet security 4 ) How I worked around this was 1) Removed my iPhone making sure that iTunes disconnected it properly
    2) I downloaded iTunes again and ran the file, when the programme realises that that it is already installed it will prompt you with two options : remove or repair: select repair. After it repairs iTunes go ahead and restart your computer.
    Now once your computer reboots and you see your anti-virus/firewall on your QuickStart menu go ahead and right click on the icon and press exit. Now start up iTunes and try again.
    This worked for me and it's the only advice I can share, sorry if it doesn't work for you, i tried
    Remember to switch back on your antivirus/firewall

    Now if this was no help, and your problem seems a little bit harder to solve, I would google "d.f.u mode" there are guides on how to do it, it is a last resort which the apple stores use on most iPhones .
    If that fails bring it to an apple store, but I'm sure you'll get it working.

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    Didn't work :\ thanks anyway.

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    Anyone else?

    Tried a DFU recovery?

    Did you try DFU mode?

    Deffo get to your store - say it happened during upgrading. They will probably try it, see the error and wither replace or send it away to get fixed

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    Yes I'm pretty sure i got it in to DFU mode because the screen just turned off completely and i couldn't even see the itunes logo on it anymore, yet the restore still fails.

    Seems like it is a common problem -…3g/

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    That mentions 3G and not 3GS but that still might be it.

    My wife had the exact same problem on her 3gs

    She used a different pc with a clean install of itunes 9.2 to restore the iphone (it was completely empty then with none of her music, apps etc)
    The she re-connected it to her normal pc and done a back-up restore and it resynced everything onto the iphone (all her apps, music etc)

    So all is back to normal and running ios4 no problems.

    Hope this helps? if you have any questions please just ask as this solution works!!!

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    I used my mums laptop and downloaded itunes on to it and connected the phone and I get the same error on that one :\

    Ok if dfu mode didn't work then its time to get on the ball; get your ass into an apple store/ ring customer services and demand that your iPhone was working fine before you upgraded to ios4.
    It's not your fault and therefore the warranty is void for hardware and specific software issues (eg jailbreaking) but not for an OTA update which basically is forced on you in order to enjoy your product.
    What I'm trying to say is get complaining to apple, if you did jailbreak it and are now finding the device bricked....., then wether you complain to apple is up to you
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