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Found 11th Jul
Hi Guys -

Just after a little advice please / recommendations on current best deals on the iphone X.

At the moment i have an iphone 6, i have had it since June 2015 - it has now become quite slow and the battery doesn't last very long - so i'm considering upgrading for a new handset.

When it came to upgrade time last year, i decided to just keep the handset that i have (the iphone 6) and asked them to just put me on a sim only deal - this reduced my tariff so i was/currently am now paying £20 a month for 8gb data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

I have today rang my provider (Vodafone) and they have said if i want an iphone X the best deal they can do for me is £63 a month for 2 years plus an upfront payment of £99 - this will get me the iphone x, 20gb data, unlimited calls and unlimited text.

If i'm honest if doesn't seem a great deal considering i've been with Vodafone for 15 years straight through.

Can anyone please tell me if they have managed to get any good deals with the iphone X and with which network provider??

Thanks Nick
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Wait till after September when they release the new models. Older ones will drop a little.
iPhones are now crazy money especially the X. May want to look at alternatives.
Before taking the leap, see if you can get a Free replacement battery or perhaps get a new battery for £25 at the Apple store, the performance might just improve.
An search iPhone 6 discussions on here for more fixes to improve performance.
with IOS11.4+ there seems to be a large month of people completing about Battery life.
I have a Iphone 6 (got on release day) and the battery app shows 85%.
From 7-13:00 i am down to 21%(full brightness normally use around 75% brightness) and seem to be draining much faster on 11.4 than it did on 11.3 (around the same time(full bightness) I would be at around 45-50%)

I recently bought battery charging case for my phone (u can see my review in the link below) only had it around 5-6 days and seem to be running fine it can charge my phone at lest 1.5x (might even be able to charge it 2x) but it is still new.

also as TROPTRUMPET said check out Apples replacement for battery free or will cost £25 running till the end of the year i am going to wait closer to the end of the year before puttting a new battery in mines for £25
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