iPhone X Insurance - Who to use?

Found 30th Dec 2017
Just wondering if anyone has their iPhone X insured, and if so who you've used?

Also a rough idea of cost, excess and any positive or negative feedback would be appreciated.
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The banks seem to be the best I think I pay £50 with excess on Lloyd’s for £10 a month but it includes quite a bit more than phone insurance
Same with NatWest but I have breakdown cover and holiday insurance etc.

Think it’s £100 excess for the phone but the green flag has been useful.
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iv just checked one of the banks insurance- They dont give you new phones- Its replacement secondhand and if its broken its refurbished parts go into the phone. So no "new" phone..
Well I received a reconditioned iPhone 6 in 2014/15 after dropping my 5S from a foot after months of slip ups.

The 6 wouldn’t boot so NatWest underwriters sent me a new one from Apple.

Guess it’s not new for old unless you have a dodgy recon unit.

Insurance for my X is way more expensive than my bank fee.
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