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Posted 31st Jan
Hey hoping for some advice please

Currently have iPhone SE which I got when it was first released. The battery life is terrible. Starting to get charging issues (it’s not the cable. Seems like charging port)
I was looking at upgrading to an iPhone XS at £629. Is this worth the price? I don’t love iOS but I do love my Apple Watch which is why I’m wanting to stick to iPhone. New iPhone is likely cheaper than a similar spec android + watch.
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Wowcamera have it for £500 atm. Great phone well worth that
New cheap iPhone se2 or 9 to be released March time, can you wait till then?
I went to iPhone XS in the summer from IPhone 8; well worth it; it’s just the right size and the screen is excellent. I think you should be able to get it less than £629 if you hunt around is see CeX have grade A 64gb for around £530 - 2 year warranty
I just put a new battery in the wife’s SE, working great now and only costs about £10. Maybe worth a go to get you running until the SE2?
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iPhone XS is good, but not for £629
Considered a iPhone X?
I love my new XS, only real difference between 11 pro and XS is camera and battery life. I’d buy the XS at wowcamera
Same happens to my daughters se got her open box XR for 409 eBay code
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