IPHONE.OR MINI LAPTOP...anyone got one

    Got some money for a present, very tempted by the Iphone. Love the way it is touch screen and quick to use as opposed to fiddly little mini keyboards on some phones (palm). Also need better planner / calendar stuff than I have now, life getting much busier and need to get more organised. Can download onto computer to store. New ones £500....way out my league, probably max £200 region or can I go cheaper?

    OR should I go for a mini laptoop instead and keep current phone (old nokia). Downsides as far as I can see is storage, would still have to download to another place to store stuff.

    I have an Ipod already, don't really use it that much to be honest

    Any thoughts?


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    :w00t: WHAT nobody

    Do anything you can to get an iPhone... I use it far more than my dell mini 9 for opening web pages, etc. Even if both are on side by side... Get some online storage?



    HTC Hero:thumbsup:

    If your ipod is a itouch, and you don't use it much, even though it can store quite a bit of stuff, then you might not like the iphone - though browsing via the mobi network is added for it.

    I'd go for the notebook, as it is more convenient, has full web browsing capability - I think there's still stuff you can't do on mobile browsers. Possibly look for 2nd hand lappy, as much cheaper, as long as it has a warranty.

    I have a iphone and samsung N510 I love them both like my own children !


    Not a big fan of mini laptops. I use a macbook and a mobile and the minis just seem to be a rubbish compromise between the two.

    For organisation though I'd recommend the HTC Hero over the iPhone. Might just be me who's bored of the iPhone, but the Hero really is better imo when it comes to organising. Check one out instore because the looks and feel are really divisive.

    iPhone is great for out & about web browsing, but it's not really a serious internet devise. I have an iPhone & a Samsung NC10 netbook, and both are great for different reasons.

    Couldn't really do without either as the iPhone isn't good enough for serious web browsing, can't do proper word processing, hasn't enough storage etc etc, and the Samsung NC10 isn't a phone!

    iphone is great, it can be used for anything, im very un-organised but the iphone helps me being organised.

    only problem is the battery life, if you uses it loads and use 3g loads it will run down quick.

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    :thumbsup: Whoah cheers guys.

    Not a big requirement for web access, I estimate just occasional web use. It is the phone with BIG buttons :oops: 'cause even with me glasses on....I can struggle. Fed up losing notes / paper with numbers / contacts on.

    I think it is small enought to whip out and use for odd notes / contact details. I think I would feel a bit odd doing that with a mini laptop. All the meetings I go to, still pen and paper brigade (NHS....:roll:).

    Filth, what is the HTC hero?.

    Veering towards iphone....come to think of it, my son is 15 next month and wants a mini. Now if I did need to use it during the day when he is at school...........light bulb moment.

    OK, where to go for the best deals???
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