Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the iphone 2G, 3G and 4G? Obviously the 2G is older, but is there any actual difference?
    I've got an itouch 3G at the mo, and would quite like to get the iphone. Wanted to get the other half one as well, so am going to have to look at older one's to be able to afford both.
    Any info would be appreciated.


    2G- SLOW : wont handle most new apps
    3G- Also Slower that the rest, has 3G
    3GS- Faster that the previous,has a compass inbuilt to use with apps,Better camera
    4G-Better camera,HD video,VERY good Display,VERY VERY fast,Front facing camera

    The best bet now it a cheap 3GS or a 4G if you can get it.

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    can't ask for a better reply than that... thanks

    bout three fiddy

    I wouldn't go for a model before the 3gs now personally, the 2g is very slow as stated above, try and have a go on a friends one if you know anyone with one and see what you think

    Actually ... I would say the 3g is still a decent model to have, ofcourse the 3GS and 4 are better but the 3g still plays most stuff quite easily some of the top games like FIFA etc might be a little sluggish but still more than playable.

    My son has my old 3G and its plays films and games as well as does all the phone things. I suppose its down to haw much you want to spend but I dont think you should be scared to buy a 3G if the moneys tight.

    Why not get the iphone 4 on contract - £45 a month for 18 months and the fones £30


    ive got an iphone 2g and slow wont handle new apps is a stupid comment. it handles all new apps and is fine with most apps even when jailbroken and having background apps. its not as fast as the later models but as a casual user, i use my laptop for anything serious and my iphone for facebook and the odd bit of browsing. texting/calling is practically the same. the newer models are faster but a lot more expensive, you get what you pay for


    Why not get the iphone 4 on contract - £45 a month for 18 months and the … Why not get the iphone 4 on contract - £45 a month for 18 months and the fones £30

    £45 a month is a awful lot of money to pay for a phone on contract (especially as the phone isn't even free!)
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