iphones still selling for £240

    on ebay......

    Are they mad......???????


    The Buyers = Yes! Although some are genuinely afraid to unlock the phones themselves so buy from ebay.

    The Sellers = They are just taking advantage of an uninformed market.


    maybe there has been a lock down on the amount you can buy, someone on here as just mentioned they need a passport or driving license to buy, so they are tracking the sale for some reason, maybe some are concerned about a backlash further down the road from not taking out a contract, etc etc

    apple store still selling them for this.

    Ebay these days just doesn't offer the bargains it used to.

    its also people buying from countries were iphone is still not availible

    Ive seen some sale for £300:w00t:

    ebay is getting worse everyday, I see plenty of Xbox360 and PS3 games go for higher prices than if you bought them brand new.

    I saw a copy of Warhawk [PS3] go for close to £30, even though ChoiceUK were selling them for £25 inc headset.
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