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Found 14th Mar 2010
Just came to know that IPL is being shown on Youtube with 5 to 10 minutes delay. Not sure if it can be pointed as a deal here.

As per Tvlicensing.co.uk, you should buy a TV license if you are watching something thats shown as broadcasted. But since there's a 5 to10 minutes delay (as ITV got broadcasting rights in UK, youtube showing it with this delay), i am not sure if we need to buy TV licensing to watch it. comments welcome.
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This will fall under Catch up TV. So yes you need TV lic

Not if it isn't live or as it's been broadcast you don't.


I think you might be right.

Thanks for the heads up OP didn't have a clue what IPL was....but looked it up. My dad will be thrilled :thumbsup:
From the useful link provided by bellabonkers, here is what they say about circumstances like this.

Watching TV on the internet
You need to be covered by a licence if you watch TV online at the same time as it's being broadcast on conventional TV in the UK or the Channel Islands.

The question is, how much of a delay do they require before a broadcast is no longer "simultaneous" with the online copy.

If the online copy is a playback from a recording of the live broadcast, then even 5 minutes might be OK.
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