Okay, this is the first time i've used it so yeah,

I'm trying to download top gear via the download manager on both firefox and IE.

when i click download it brings up the player but does nothing... doesnt download it.

can anyone help me?


If you've got a BT client this site may be worth a look : finalgear.com/sho…ar/

Can't help with the problem at hand though.....

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P.S Emasu is an ass.

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Spammer, reported.

Why don't you 3 just drop your kecks and see who has the biggest! :w00t:

iplayer downloads use kontiki so you are not downloading from bbc but from other users similar to bitrrent,i usually just stream but maybe like some p2p it takes a while to get going,or maybe your isp dosent like p2p?.
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