IPOD 30gb, or 60gb Best deals (exc Asda)


In case I dont get one Asda which according to the "other" deals iste is looking increasingly like not - where is the best place to buy one from

Apple uk refurbs dont have one - I've got a bit cold on ebay after the excapade yesterday with Mrs Fraudster buying nearly 100 mobiles in a month inc mine.

So where is the best place to buy


Does it have to be an iPod?
What is your price limit?

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I like the idea of an Ipod (sorry a bit lame really) I have a mac and looking to use it as a hardrive, come MP3 - best deal really - going to try the Asda deal first see if that'll work and if not will look elsewhere

also want to be able to use a FM transmitter with my car stereo as I dont have a tape.

Dont want to spend more than £150 really unless I can help it.

well ebuyer is 157 after quidco. Only 28 more than asda but not a misprice.

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thanks col, got your pm as well

I managed to bag one from Asda so good deal all round, just need my fm transmitter now

does anyone know about dowloading Pirates of the caribean from the Itunes store - since they sponsor the side of the ipod pack I wondered if it was a free download - but couldnt see any download areas on apple for videos?

No problem hope you get your transmitter sorted. Link I give you did them in white or black, wish I could have got black when got mine lol and I paid more than that:x

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