ipod 80gb - will it be cheep in the sales

Found 24th Dec 2007
do u think it might be less then £120 in the sales

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I dont think so as aple product prices dont go down so sharply. where can you get it for 120 right now. let me know as my friend wanted as a gift and i can spend that much. I saw prices were about 144 to 180 on the web.
Hi Katie you are not going to get one of these ipods that cheap for a while i deal in them wholesale and single orders and i cant even get them for that low and i sell the complete range of ipods so you will have to dig bit deeper into your wallet
I heard on the grapevine that dixons will be selling Them for about £50 for 1 second on 27/12/2007 at 16:04hrs!!LOL

thanx for all your anwer's

hope you all have a happ[y christmas

please please please can you share the wealth

where have you found the IPOD classic for 120 quid???

i really want one but only got 130 quid for Xmas

Much Appreciated...
No one has found one for 120 she asked IF one would be in the sale for that price but we have all said there is no way that there will be one for sale at that price never for a few years thanks,
damn, wish i got one from john lewis while that voucher was floating round

Nvm, thanks for clearing that up, guess its just a nano for me :whistling:
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